Games That I’ve Made/Contributed To

The following is a list of games that I’ve had at least some hand in. As you’ll see, every game I make is an attempt to tackle a different aspect of game design and/or engineering. Or, sometimes, they’re just for fun.

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Birdball is a one-button, four player game (so a four-button game) about killing birds with balls. Born from a game jam, it’s a hectic game where players can collect zany powerups and use clever environment-manipulation to defeat their opponents. Birdball is my current active project and I’m hoping to submit it for TooManyGames 2018.

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So Many Levels is mostly a challenge in level design for me, funnily enough. Originally about manipulating two overlaid mazes, the game is now about manipulating two or more interlaid mazes (pretty sure that’s a word, regardless of what spell check tells me). Through a weird quirk in the rules, I’m pretty sure LEVELS is the first game I’ve made any money from, as I got $50 for talking about it at a conference in Erie. LEVELS is also my first game to include dynamic music, but more on that later. I hope.


LightFight: My ongoing quest to create a networked multiplayer game (I need to think of a better subtitle). It started off as a small, but playable demo I coded in a month for TooManyGames 2016, and since then I’ve shelved it so I can work on more manageable projects. It’s a game about shooting light at things that aren’t light. It’s gonna be great, and I imagine that quite a few posts will be about it in the future.


Go Good Ghost Guy is my most recent (and, now that I think about it, first) “completed” game. It was originally based on another game (Abe’s Kooky Halloween Caper) that we attempted to create in a 24-hr game jam. After that more or less flopped, I gutted what we had and turned it into my final project for a class in school (I got an “A”, in case you’re wondering). So, what was once a game about a spooky child in a Halloween costume collecting candy from his neighbors is now about an equally spooky actual ghost collecting candy from the aether.

If you want to play what is essentially an alpha that will almost definitely never reach release, you can download the .jar file here, or you can view all the code here.


Larry Awesome: A game I didn’t make, but I did compose the music and drew a few of the assets. It was created by a friend of mine a couple years ago, and while I don’t think he’s updated it in a while, you can download it here.

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